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27 Specially focus on anticorrosive coatings、Diamond tools, such as powder industry customized solutions

From the beginning of a single phosphorus iron products,Now to give priority to with phosphorus series products50More than,Across the steel、Electrolytic aluminium、The paint coating、Four big diamond tools industry。

Huijin group's industry——Henan taihe huijin powder technology co., LTD(简称“Taihe huijin”)Was established2003Years,Main business for the huijin pure series anti-rust pigments and special powder production and sales of diamond tools industry。Huijin group set raw materials production and processing、New product research and development in a body,With mining、Smelting、Powder、New materials such as phosphorous iron complete industrial chain of production and sales enterprises,Headquarters is located in the important transport hub city、The central plains economic zone core strategic planning of zhengzhou city,The factory is located in jiaozuo wuzhi county industrial concentration area,Cover an area of an area200m。

27Over the years,Huijin group adhering to the modern enterprise scientific management mode,And scientific research、Innovative thinking、Pioneering spirit,
Won the high recognition of cooperative enterprises。