Rock wool board zhongjian HuaJinSheng is specialized in the production、Extruded board,And so on10In the strength of the manufacturers!

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The national hotline:177-2978-6799

ALevel of fire preventionNo safe hidden trouble,Fire acceptance of barrier-free。

High efficiency and energy savingCoefficient of thermal conductivity is less than or equal to0.041,Those of otherAGrade products。

Advanced technology Leading international pleating technique,Product quality more stable。

High cost performanceHigh cost performance,Marketing,The quality of the national standard,Non-standard price。

Selling pointCloser lower freight,Face to face,Money is safe,All qualified party a more palatable。

The national hotline:177-2978-6799Advice immediately

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The national hotline:177-2978-6799Advice immediately


Qualification and product quality assurance

Promotion license、Registration certificate is complete

To participate in the national insulation materials industry standards

24International、New achievements in China

The product is safe and reliable、Don't prick the hand、Good construction、Long life than traditional materials1Or more times


Company strength

Nissan50000Square meters super insulation capacity

Country garden Evergrande The green space Build China railway, etc200More than well-known construction companies closely

Unit cooperation up to thousands of customers,High quality rock wool manufacturers in henan


Service guarantee

One to one service Face to face communication

Availability timely、Henan province and other places3To the5Days of door-to-door delivery services

The various problems timely response(3Hours to reply)

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HuaJinSheng factory

HuaJinSheng factory ...

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Taikang county purchasing HuaJinSheng rock wool board

Taikang county purchasing HuaJinSheng rock wool board HuaJinSheng rock wool board factory is an enterprise with quality service for the purpose of,Once zhoukou minzhu project development,Because we have no cooperation before,Have not seen face Only through the telephone communication,Through the preliminary inquiry to clinch a deal We communicate more than a dozen times...

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Zhongjian HuaJinSheng construction engineering co., LTD A brief introduction zhongjian HuaJinSheng construction engineering co., LTD Zhongjian HuaJinSheng construction engineering co., LTD. Is a collection of heat preservation material production、 Sales;Waterproof anti-corrosion insulation engineering、Decoration engineering、With the municipal engineering design The construction of large enterprises,The company has been established successively in henan province、Hebei、Inner Mongolia set up two proprietary factory,Eight affiliated factories, Factory main production rock wool products,Extruded board,Foam board and so on heat preservation material and accessory Products,The business scope covering the whole country,Exported to Europe and the United States,Asia, Africa and Latin America and other countries and to Area,Company business philosophy:Good quality、The supremacy of credibility、We by the high quality product、Good......

To check the detailsThe national hotline:177-2978-6799
Exterior wall thermal insulation of the code for fire protection

Exterior wall thermal insulation of the code for fire protection

(1)Exterior wall fire broke out frequently,Policy locking,AdvocateALevel。 2009Years9Month28Day《Civil building external thermal insulation system and exterior wall decoration of fire prevention regulations》(The male words[2009]46Number) Article 2 the civil building external thermal insulation material...

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ALevel fire rock wool board used in the outer wall heat preservation

ALevel fire rock wool board used in the outer wall heat preservation

2011Years12Month30Day,Issued by the state council《The state council on strengthening and improving the opinions of the fire control work》(The country is sent【2011】46Number)And2012Years7Month17The new issued《Construction of fire supervision and management regulations》For new...

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Reveal the truth!Rock wool board price difference is so big?!
Rock wool board price is building developers when rock wool board brand of choose and buy,The most concern。Rock wool board currently on the market,Often run into rock wool board price is very low。As the saying goes a a cent
The so-called“Fire rock wool board、Heat preservation rock wool board、Waterproof(Hydrophobic
The so-called fire rock wool board、Heat preservation rock wool board、Waterproof(Hydrophobic)What is rock wool board? In the national standard terminology and definition does not fire rock wool board、Heat preservation rock wool board、Waterproof(Hydrophobic)Rock wool board
The color of xinxiang rock wool is generated?
The color of the rock wool is how to generate? High-temperature thrown rock cotton fiber is usually are pale color。And the rock wool products we see its color is usually a yellow-green。This is because to rock cotton fiber
Since the building exterior wall thermal insulation it really necessary to do
If there are conditions,A lot of people want to build a small building of their own,In the process of construction,Some friends strong consciousness of energy conservation may be thinking about a problem:Is there necessary to make the outside his house
Heat preservation material burning level
GB 8624-2012《Building materials and combustion products classification performance》Building materials and products according to the combustion performance can be divided into the following four levels: Combustion performance level The name A Non-combustible material(Products) B1 Flame retardant materials
The so-called“Fire rock wool board、Heat preservation rock wool board、Waterproof(Hydrophobic
In the national standard terminology and definition does not fire rock wool board、Heat preservation rock wool board、Waterproof(Hydrophobic)Rock wool board。Some of the rock wool production enterprises in the propaganda that fire rock wool board、Heat preservation rock wool
Why need to damp rock wool products?
Rock wool is a kind of inorganic fiber cotton,The water absorption is very big。And once rock quilt wet,The coefficient of thermal conductivity will rise dramatically,Mechanical strength decreased obviously,Size change significantly,Completely heat preservation function and loss
How long the rock wool aging period?What is the symptoms of aging?
In theory,Rock cotton fiber of inorganic fiber is not ageing。In the rock wool products and practical,In addition to the rock cotton fiber,Also added a certain amount of phenolic resin and abhorred agent。The organic matter in use
Henan rock wool board manufacturer rock wool board construction technology is outlined
From the Angle of exterior walls,Rock wool board is the main application of some mortar and the back wall,This can cause a kind of paint finishes,Better from such brick is also a shipment very carefully
What should pay attention to when rock wool insulation store
Rock wool insulation board Also known as the rock wool insulation decorative board,Is a basalt as main raw materials,By high temperature melting processing of mineral fiber board,1981Years6Month try its success rock wool board is a new kind of heat preservation、Combustion